Barber-Hybrid Program with Externship

What is the new Barber-Hybrid Program with Externship?

The Barber-Hybrid Program with Externship is Champions School of Barbering’s newest program offering. This unique course combines barber theory, practical skill work, and a robust externship opportunity that will teach you to become a barber in under 1 year!

Commonly Asked Questions

This program consists of 1,250 total hours, which is expected to be completed in under one year. 

An externship is a hands-on opportunity for student barbers to be coached in a real barber shop setting. Once a student completes approximately 75% of the program, they will be placed in one of our qualifying facilities to gain real world experience working in a barber shop. During the time of their externship, student barbers will be mentored by the licensed barbers at their facility and by their barber instructor. 

While attending class in person, students are taught the practical skills and techniques to being a barber. After passing their 250 hour evaluation, students have access to our fully functioning student-run barber shop in which they will perform practical applications on real clients and/or live models.  


 On days that students do not attend class in person, they progress through carefully curated lessons and assignments with a focus on barber theory, barber history, laws and regulation, professionalism, self promotion, social media marketing and more. 

Due to Pennsylvania state regulations, this program cannot be completed in less than 9 months. However, our barber-hybrid program can be completed in just over 10 months.

This program offers 30 hours per week. All on-site days are scheduled from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM.

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